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In a world where big data is ubiquitous, fast and efficient data processing is indispensable. To this end, vast global investment in the emerging quantum computing technology has revived hopes to build a full-scale quantum computer in the foreseeable future, that can foster our computing power. In the meantime, intensive research is being carried out to develop algorithms that are efficiently run on the so-called Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) computers. Our focus in the QuOne Lab is to catch up with and contribute to cutting-edge researches in these areas.


Salman Beigi
Lead Researcher
Ali Hamed Moosavian
Leila Taghavi
Erfan Abedi
Research Assistant

Artin Tajdini
Research Assistant


Doc IDTitleAuthorsYearMore Details
PL-20-QU-0011Separation of quantum, spatial quantum, and approximate quantum correlationsSalman Beigi2021PL-21-QU-0011
PL-21-QU-0021Limits of Short-Time Quantum AnnealingAli Hamed Moosavian, Seyed Sajad Kahani, Salman Beigi2021PL-21-QU-0021
PL-21-QU-0031Time and Query Optimal Quantum Algorithms
Based on Decision Trees
Salman Beigi, Leila Taghavi, Artin Tajdini2021PL-21-QU-0031

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