DatAI Lab

With the rapid surge of AI application in all aspects of everyday life, and considering the fact that AI needs massive amounts of data to operate well, the attention of lawyers and legislators has been drawn to the legal implications of collecting personal data information by AI models. Generally speaking, all the principles governing the collecting and processing of personal data information are challenged by improved algorithms, increased network computing power, and increased ability to capture and store an unprecedented amount of data made accessible by the use of AI. DatAI lab by investigating the legal aspects of AI in general and the legal implications of using personal data in AI models in particular aims to contribute to the legal research in this field and help the legislators to establish the legal framework necessary to regulate the use of AI and protecting the rights of consumers.


Bagher Ansari
Lead Researcher
Nikan Pahlavan
Research Assistant

Shima Attar
Hossein Zand

Amirhossein Salehi