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AI systems work based on huge amount of various data from various resources. Exponential development and application of AI in all sections of society, especially, in economic sectors, has brought about many challenges on the legitimacy of collections and processing of data by AI. Data property, data privacy, data security and data monetization are among these challenges. In addition, Algorithmic bias and discrimination, Algorithmic transparency and accountability and civil and criminal liability arising out of AI outputs and Algorithmic decision-making, is under consideration in many legal systems. DatAI lab researches on this challenges and legal issues of AI systems, and, by using comparative studies on international and national initiatives on these challenges and issues, intends to propose appropriate and relevant legal framework for sound,effective and efficient working of AI systems in Iran.


Bagher Ansari
Lead Researcher
Nikan Pahlavan
Research Assistant
Shima Attar
Hossein Zand
Amirhossein Salehi

Research Themes

  • Data privacy and protection of personal data
  • Data monetization/ commercialization
  • Algorithmic bias and discrimination
  • Civil and criminal liability arising out of AI and Algorithmic decision-making

Research Outputs

  • Reports on new legal challenges of data protection in digital economy and respective legal approaches
  • Reports on new legal challenges of artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making and respective legal approaches
  • Preparation of proposals for better policy, legislative and regulatory initiatives on data law and artificial intelligence to competent authorities
  • Proposing legal framework for regulation of risks of data collection and processing, by contract, to digital business especially to AI systems
  • Proposing legal framework for commercialization of data by digital business


The list of DatAI reports and the request portal may be accessed through the DatAI Persian page.

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